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Version 1.1.0, releases

| Added: 13 January 2016 | Updated: 13 January 2016
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This version (1.1.0) includes an increase of the session timeout, removement of unnecessary usings (imports) in code files and an addition of the website name to the meta title. We have also added a Powered by link in the footer, it is a nofollow link.

+ Removed unnecessary usings (imports) in code files.
+ Increased session timeout to 120 minutes.
+ Added handling for .htm and .html files to give a 404 error if they not are found.
+ Added website name to the meta title.

Changed templates

You can download a WebPI application package of this version by clicking on the link below. A WebPI application package can be installed from the IIS Manager, create a new website (or use an existing website) and click on the "Import Application.." link in the right-side menu.

# Download version 1.1.0 as a WebPI application package